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Top 5 Best Trendy Online Boutiques [2022 Updated]

Finding the Best Trendy Online Boutiques in 2022 can be a little CRAZY! 😰 because there's so many new boutique stores opening every single month and with all the new trends and brands, it can be hard to keep up and know where to get the best boutique clothing and accessories.

As Boutique lovers ourselves:

Here is our Top 5 Best Trendy Online Boutiques ⬇


1. The Ruffled Rooster Boutique

the ruffled rooster boutique store

Pros: Unique, high-quality clothes. Great affordable prices.

Cons: None.

If you're looking for AMAZINGTrendy and Affordable clothing and accesories, The Ruffled Rooster Boutique is the go to shop for you and other women who want to dress-to-impress without digging a hole in their pockets. We find incredible creators and vendors and help them sell their clothing at an affordable price that works with customers searching for the best trendy boutiques.

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2. Prism Boutique

ruffled rooster boutique

Pros: Pretty good collection of clothing

Cons: Price is really high

This boutique has some really NICE items and clothing collections if you're looking to spice up your closet. Prism boutique has a playful mix of vintage rugs and tapestries, greenery paired with original artwork, and curated selection of clothing, accessories and homewares - locally made and from across the globe. 




 3. Blue Boutique 

online boutique store products

Pros: Free shipping on orders over $75

Cons: Nothing too special and prices are a little high 

The blue boutique is an online boutique with plenty of good items, such as as Shoes, Tops and bottoms. Blue has a decent collection of clothing you might like.




4. Shutterbugs boutique

Pros: Really cute childrens clothing

Cons: Prices are a little high

Shutterbugs boutique is a childrens online boutique and is one of oldest family businesses in Raleigh, NC. Really cool place to shop if you're looking for cute outfits for your little ones.




5. Tavin Boutique

Pros: Very beautiful clothing

Cons: Price is outrageously high!

Opened in 2009 in the bohemian enclave of Echo Park, Los Angeles, Tavin Boutique carries a well curated eclectic collection of vintage clothing as well as wearable designer pieces. If you're looking for 60's 70's or even victorian clothing, this boutique is perfect, if you can handle the price that is.


Now, this list is not actually the "Best Trendy Online Boutiques" because that's very subjective and it's just my opinion.

However, I did my best to give my honest opinion and not be biased.